Our story - Hanu' berarilor

The experience of dining at Hanu' Berarilor has remained synonymous with a timeless excellence.

Our story

Welcome to Hanu' Berarilor!

Hanu' – a cheerful place of delicious food! A place like few others in Bucharest! A place where being around a table is a habit, not a need! A place where you can taste the best dishes together with this jolly liquor people call beer. If you want to feast or rollick, Hanu’ is the place to be! The place is big, 800 people can feast at once, the food is for all tastes and the cellar is always full. We have everything for everybody, all we need to know your wishes. Merry feasts!

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Hanu' Berarilor (Casa Oprea Soare)
Hanu' Berarilor (Casa Elena Lupescu)